Robots with a mission

We believe in positive educational and social impact throug conversation

OVO helps teachers by adaptive training methods

Never tired of repeating questions

  • Teach maths through speech and conversation
  • Helps to find the learning difficulties at earlier stage 
  • It can adapt to kid’s skill level 
  • More time for teacher on repeating questions and issues 
  • Proved math teaching methods, based on Finnish curriculum (developed together with teachers)

There is a need for help

There is a need for all the help so that children can get excited and learn math

School children lacks on maths are nearly 20%

  • There is no teacher for everyone 
  • Teachers do not have enough time for all 
  • Different teaching skills affect on success 
  • Difficulties to identify the need for additional attention

It is a need for more individual adaptive learning practice. Kids need more attention on learning.

Why teaching robot?

  • The sympathetic figure brings more empathy to children than a computer
  • Talking to a robot brings the user experience to a new level.
  • Multi-sense conversation, Touch, listen, talk, …
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